Bourbon Breath ep

by Hillary Chillton

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recorded from October 2013-February 2014 in Nina's house and Super Suite 16

played by us
written mostly by Nina and Tanner
recorded/mixed by Matt
cover photo by Antonia Gomez


released February 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Hillary Chillton Claremont, California

we write songs and pet dogs

Nina - guitar
Tanner - guitar, bass
Jeremy - keys
Matt - drums
Travis - guitar, bass

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Track Name: Lola
never told you how you taste
or what you thought of me in the first place,
but i guess that doesn't bug me.
i just thought it would be nice.
never really meant to hate you,
but all the bullshit that you put me through,
well it's left a bitter taste on the tip of my tongue
that i can not remove.

and i hope that it kills you
to see me up here living off my dreams.
and i hope that you're miserable
to know you're better off living on your own.

no more bangs for me.
you left me with something that i can't unsee;
you fucking my best friend.
where did i go wrong?
where did i go wrong?
Track Name: Tunnel Vision
don't step aside, just walk away.
i don't want your pity, throw it all away.
for what it's worth, i've gotta say
i don't feel i'm worth your time of day.

tunnel vision, it's your decision.
can't you just look my way?
tunnel vision, it's your decision,
but i think your eyes have gone astray.

i twist and i turn, look the other way.
there must be something to learn,
i guess i'll get it someday.
Track Name: Japan
i'm sleeping on your couch again.
the tables are all wiped clean,
without you there to oversee me.
i couldn't hold my ground last night,
i broke the seal.
it resulted in messy floors and broken deals.

you've been gone for a couple weeks,
i gotta take all your responsibility.
does your love for this place still exist?
all the while, you were all i missed.

and ever since you left,
it's been one big test for me.
Track Name: The Beast
time crashes over laughingly.
it stays nothingness. he fights so desperately,
just like a beast whose fate is sealed and writ.
he's just a fool, her beginning was the end.

she steps outside to be held by the moon.
these days, they start so fast but they end too soon.
she steps outside to smoke her last cigarette that's fake.
but time's come back, and it's come to steal her fate.

drink up the past, it's far away.
crooked thoughts come out to play.
Track Name: Tug of War
i've learned a lot about what hurts me and what makes you smile.
you go on talking about it, I stand here and scream inside.
i scream inside.
we've both got ends and I'm pulling with everything in me,
but now you've got the lot so you're the enemy.
you're the enemy.

i think of how nice it would be if you were all mine;
but in the end i know these thoughts are just a waste of time,
taking a toll on my mind.

wait for me, i've got a lot to say.
this is a bigger bill to pay.
wait for me, i've got a lot to say.
it all comes together when you look away.
Track Name: This is a Cover
and if you notice that my eyes are kind of bluish gray
at least when i get back i won't be grounded anyway,
cause i'm high.

i know that i'm a fuckup, man i know i really am.
at least when i am dead, i'll know where i have been;

cause i'm high.