Split w/ Void Boys

by Hillary Chillton

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split with San Francisco's wonderful Void Boys, released to cassette by Tuesday Tapes. limited to 50.


released June 5, 2014

written and played by Hillary Chillton
recorded and mixed by Matt and Jeremy



all rights reserved


Hillary Chillton Claremont, California

we write songs and pet dogs

Nina - guitar
Tanner - guitar, bass
Jeremy - keys
Matt - drums
Travis - guitar, bass

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Track Name: Scratch
it's hard to drink yourself to sleep.
you start to get the spins and think.
am i dealing with this the right way?
are there certain things i shouldn't say?
i can't put on a charade.

did i push you too hard? you're like a match-
light up and die out, there's no going back.
you broke the skin, but i bet i never left a scratch
on you.

it doesn't mean anything at all,
i'm just a month long boredom call.

so easy to pick up the phone,
it's nothing i don't already know.
not that i asked to be alone,
but apart of me you've already grown.
Track Name: Mitosis
i've heard you say it a thousand times:
strangers in a house living separate lives.
it was bound to happen after all,
it only took twenty years to break this fall.
maybe you can both be happy now.
it'll only be as bad as you allow.

don't waste your time with what you're telling me,
make haste. don't deny, can't you see?
there's nothing left for us to be.

hanging on has been cumbersome.
everything's been said and done,
but you've done it all for me from the start.
now please help yourself, don't break my heart.
maybe you can both be happy now.
it'll only be as bad as you allow.
Track Name: Devil in Tights
with a cigarette kiss and cocaine lisp,
she said she never thought she had a feeling like this
but i guess it's just her average friday night.
she walked out of hell in her high-heeled shoes,
and i know she never had a lesson singing the blues
but i bet she could make a grown man cry.
with her bottomless pits that she calls eyes,
i know that will be my demise
but i think i will have to stay strong
with long, blonde hair and beautiful skin,
i know this bitch is a really big sin
but i guess i'll have to leave for the night.
she's a devil in tights.

so i turn my head and shut my eyes.
she's got me mesmerized
and i don't even know her first name.
that's when i see her walking over in sick sin stilettos.
i knew she was trouble from the motherfucking get go,
but i said, "what the hell man, let me give her a try."
but she's a devil in tights.